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カジヒデキ、コーネリアス、シーガル・スクリーミング・キス・ハー・キス・ハー、ワック・ワック・リズム・バンドほか収録。貴重なデッドストック! 是非!!


01 Cornelius- 69⚡︎96
02 Cornelius- Brand New Season (Giant Ear Mix)
03 Venus Peter- Bobby
04 Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her- Walk This Way
01 Cornelius- Theme From The First Question Award (Vocal Version)
02 Hideki Kaji- Muscat (Demo Version)
03 Bridge- Kiss My Thought Good-Bye (Live)
04 Wack Wack Rhythm Band- Karate (Live)
05 The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group- My Bloody Yugo (Live)
06 Louis Philippe- Dominica (Live)
07 Cornelius- How Do You Feel? (Live)

01 Cornelius- Theme From First Question Award
02 Venus Peter- Every Planets Son
03 Bridge- Change
04 The Tottenamities- Tip Top Tottenham Hotspur
05 Louis Philippe- You Mary You
06 Would-Be-Goods- Christmas In Haiti
07 Salon Music- Unsquare Dance
08 Yoshié- Telefone
09 Cornelius- Diamond Bossa
10 The Victor Silvester Orchestra- World Cup Cha-cha Santiago '62
11 Kahimi Karie- Qu'est Ce Qu'il Est Beau! ~ Mon Football Jazz
12 Bridge- Watermelon Bikini
13 Le Mans- Un Rayo De Sol
14 The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group- Mij Amsterdam
15 Louis Philippe- Farewell Maria
16 Cornelius- Perfect Rainbow
17 The Free Design- Kites Are Fun
18 Cloudberry Jam- Elevator
19 Yoshié- Vou Me Encontrar Com Vocé
20 Marden Hill- Slalom
01 Unknown Artist- Fanfale
02 Kahimi Karie- Elastic Girl
03 Cornelius- Kazu
04 Venus Peter- Roller Coaster
05 Corduroy- Clockwork Man
06 Manchester City F.C.- Funky City
07 Children Of Judah- To The Bone (Let's Get Stoned)
08 Wack Wack Rhythm Band- Knucklehead
09 Freda Payne- We've Gotta Find A Way Back To Love
10 A Craze- Dub, But Not Mute
11 Chairmen Of The Board- You've Got Me Dangling On A String
12 The Questions- A Month Of Sundays
13 The Free Design- Instrumental
14 J.R. Bailey- Love, Love, Love
15 Raw Stylus- Believe In Me
16 Lamont Dozier- Why Can't We Be Lovers
17 Brian Auger's Oblivion Express- Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
18 Keigo Oyamada- Qaz - The Hyper Detective
19 Monsieur Kamayatsu- Gaulouise
20 Kahimi Karie- Sérieux Comme Le Plaisir
01 Jerry Goldsmith- The Revelation
02 Cornelius- Moon Walk
03 The Apples In Stereo- Tidal Wave
04 Citrus- Cymbal Hit (Like My Feelin')
05 The Devoted- I Love George Best
06 Bridge- He, She & I
07 Dolly Mixture- Everything And More
08 Border Boys- Sorry
09 Papas Fritas- My Revolution
10 Hideki Kaji- Siesta
11 Eggstone- Brass
12 Realer- Out Of My Head
13 Salon Music- Tiger Hole
14 Stump The Host- California Zephyr
15 Love Jones- Li'l Black Book
16 Marden Hill- Summertime
17 Citrus- Big Day Coming From Northwest
18 Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her- Good It's Real
19 Salon Music- Who Just Can't Be Happy?
20 Kahimi Karie- Le Roi Soleil
21Violent Onsen Geisha- Young Go-Cart Champion